Slippery Slope: The Royal Family Is Now Having Its First Gay Marriage

It was pretty strange watching so many people in America spend energy on the Royal Wedding a few weeks ago.

Sure, history is interesting and there is something unique about the English royalty.

But, the wall to wall news coverage way totally out of control.

Ultimately, Prince Harry’s marriage doesn’t affect anyone in American even slightly.

Now, England is getting ready for another wedding and this one is a little bit different.

From The Daily Wire:

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took the world by storm due to its novelty. They will soon be upstaged by an even greater novelty: the first homosexual royal wedding.

Though far down the family tree, the third cousin once removed to Queen Elizabeth, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, announced that he will be marrying his partner, James Coyle.

According to LifeSiteNews, Ivar Mountbatten divorced his long-term wife Penny Mountbatten in 2016 after coming out as homosexual. They have three daughters together: 15, 20, and 22. Such news would likely devastate any woman, but Penny says that she supports her ex-husband’s newfound identity so much that she will be walking him down the aisle at the ceremony.

Welcome to 2018.

You had to imagine this kind of thing would be coming soon.

Before we know it we will be watching trans royal weddings and all kinds of stuff along those lines.

Here’s more.

From LifeSite News:

The former couple explains that Ivar had told Penny he was bisexual even before they became romantically involved, which she accepted because “I’m very open-minded about sexuality.” But despite early happiness, his attraction to men eventually gave her feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and depression.

Penny left after fifteen years of marriage, concluding that their relationship could never be “whole” as long as Ivar was attracted to men, and that he “couldn’t be his authentic self unless I left.”

They say their daughters have embraced the “marriage,” which has the blessings of their extended family, including Prince Edward. Queen Elizabeth has not yet commented on the union, but has endorsed LGBT “rights” in the past. Harry and Markle vocally support the LGBT agenda, as well.

“When I mentioned it to our eldest daughter, Ella, she said, ‘Oh Pap, it’s not a big deal. It’s so normal nowadays,’” Mountbatten said. “Of course that generation, they’re completely cool about the concept of this.”

“Ivar is so much more relaxed these days. He’s so much kinder,” Penny claimed. “He probably wasn’t even aware that by keeping his sexuality a secret it was really quite tormenting him.”

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